IOT has become the information science and technology development direction, but when we talk about it, there is no way to avoid talking about it , "million" of sensors are embedded in various equipment and every corner, such as buildings, Bridges, intelligent terminals, smart meters and various industrial machine, etc., sensors to connect people, machines, data, in this way, the factory can be real-time monitoring of the machine running condition, improve the production line running, promote efficiency, and release potential.
It can be said that small sensors drive the digital revolution, and factories bring a new industrial revolution with digital background by deploying sensors. In the field of urban applications, sensors are embedded in various scenarios, such as power grids, railways, Bridges, tunnels, roads, etc., so that everything can be quantified and perceived to achieve integration with physical systems.
Over the years, due to the wide application of the Internet of things, the sensor market size also presents a rapid growth trend, and the sensor industry has ushered in a huge development opportunity.