Intelligent home appliance

Intelligent home appliance is the home appliance product formed after the introduction of microprocessor, sensor technology and network communication technology into the home appliance equipment. It can automatically perceive the state of residential space, the state of home appliance itself and the state of home appliance service, and can automatically control and receive the control instructions of residential users in the residential or remote. At the same time, smart home appliances, as a component of smart home, can be connected with other home appliances, home and facilities in the house to form a system and realize the function of smart home.
Smart home appliances need to be equipped with a variety of sensors to achieve the self-perception of appliances, or to perceive the external environment, and according to the results of perception to implement the corresponding control logic, or adjust their own state, or remind the home owner of some information. It brings more convenience to People's Daily life and brings fun and experience of human-computer interaction.