Automobile manufacture

       The nitrogen oxygen sensor can detect and evaluate the nitrogen oxygen concentration of diesel engine exhaust in real time. Once the exhaust gas is found not up to the standard, it can respond quickly and accurately to adjust the ratio of oxygen and diesel gas, in order to reach the optimal combustion ratio and the content of nitrogen oxides in combustion exhaust gas to the minimum.

The oxygen sensor is used to measure the oxygen information in engine exhaust system, such as oxygen concentration, the oxygen sensor convert the oxygen concentration info into voltage signal, then transmit it to the engine computer, make the engine can be achieve the closed loop control through the excess air factor (Λ = 1) . Ensure that the ternary catalytic converter has the maximum conversion efficiency for hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) pollutants in the exhaust, and carry out the maximum conversion and purification of the discharged pollutants.

The pressure sensor is installed on the compressor pipeline of automobile air conditioner. The device for pressure detection transmits the results of pressure detection to the computer board, so as to control other parts of the air conditioner.