Industrial Automation

In industrial automatic detection and control system, sensor play an important role in industrial automation production. In petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, steel, machinery and other processing industries, sensors are responsible for the detection of all kinds of information, a large number of measured information through automatic control, computer processing feedback, for production process, quality, process management and safety control. In the automatic control system, the electronic computer and the sensor organic union, has played the key role in the realization control high automation aspect.machines need sensors to provide the necessary information to perform the relevant operations correctly. Most industrial intelligent robots are already using sensors to improve their adaptability. Sensors of intelligent robot can be roughly divided into tactile sensors, proximity sensors, mechanical sensors, and sensors of vision, slide sense, heat sense and other types. For example, there are many cooperative robots that integrate torque sensors and pressure sensor to ensure a better perspective during operation and to ensure the safety of the work area.