The opening ceremony of Wangsensor technology
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On June 8, 2019, in this hot summer, we once again witnessed the miracle created by Shenzhen's speed - Shenzhen Wangsensor Technology Co., Ltd. has officially opened in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco-Park after only one month's preparatory work. The company held a red and hot opening ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in this very Eco-park.

The company's shareholders and invited guests gathered together to discuss the business development strategy and look forward to a bright future of Wangsensor.
During the celebration, several representatives of shareholders of partnerships, such as relatives-union, Ji-union and Hua-union, delivered speeches to share their fate with Wangsensor, and unanimously expressed their full confidence in the future of Wangsensor and the management ability of Chairman Wang Guanghui.
Professor Zhang Zhihui, Vice Dean of Bionics College of Jilin University, delivered a speech on behalf of academician Ren Luquan. He is willing to cooperate with Wangsensor in production, education and research. He is willing to provide excellent talents for Wangsensor and speed up the process of transformation of research achievements.

Mr. Lin Baojun, the chief designer of Beidou Navigation, in his speech, expressed the hope that Wangsensor would stick to its original intention of "national brand" and dare to innovate without fear of difficulties. He also expressed his willingness to provide technical support to Wangsensor at any time.

Ms. Tan Li, General Manager of Xiangtong Optoelectronics, Mr. Zhao Nenghao, the leader of Chairman Wang Guanghui's MBA Class of Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Mr. Zhu Jiqiang, President of Training College of Tsinghua University, Mr. Zeng Guokui, famous overseas Chinese entrepreneur of Indonesia, also made speeches. They wished Wangsensor a rapid development and great ambition.
As an ending, Mr. Wang Guanghui, Chairman of the Board of Directors, shared with all the guests the whole experience and personal insights in the short months from the idea of founding Wangsensor to its opening, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who helped the company’s establishment. Mr. Wang shared a long term goal of Wangsensor: to set up an excellent national enterprise and make "wangsensor" and "飞驰传感" become well-known international brands.
"Jude gathers wealth, wishes and dreams together." Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Guanghui, the chairman of Wangsensor, and under the guidance of the common vision, Wangsensor will surely achieve its goal as soon as possible.
"We gather integrity, wealth, wishes and dreams together." Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Guanghui, and under the guidance of the common vision, Wangsensor will surely achieve its goal as soon as possible.

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