Wangsensor held a Business Conference of the Second Half of 2019
author: Wangsensor 2019-07-22 browse( 565)

On July 20, 2019, Shenzhen Wangsensoer Technology held a two-day business conference of the second half of the year. The purpose of this meeting was to clarify goals, develop intelligence, cohesion, and build up a happy friendship. The meeting was held in South Kunshan, which is in Huizhou, where the scenery was pleasant with birds and flowers. After the meeting, the employees of Wangsensor could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the great nature.
Mr. Wang Guanghui, founder and chairman of Wangsensor, kindly introduced to the staff that South Kunshan was a key to Wangsensor. It was when Mr. Wang was practicing Buddhism in South Kunshan that he came up with the idea of founding Wangsensor, which led to the birth of Shenzhen Wangsensor Technology Co., Ltd.
At the meeting, all the employees were gratified by the rapid development of the company. We thanked Chairman Wang for setting up such a good working platform, so that every employee could fully display their talents and contribute their strength. The rapid development of the company has led to the rapid growth of employees. Every milestone in the company's development makes employees feel proud.
Under the leadership of Chairman Wang, Wangsensor will thrive and eventually grow into a national brand that makes Chinese proud!