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Wang Guanghui

         Wang Guanghui's life experience is full of legends. He went to the countryside as an educated youth and returned to the city as a worker. After the National College Entrance Examination was restored, he was admitted to the Automobile Department of Jilin Polytechnical University as self-studier with a junior high school educational background. He studied for undergraduate and master's degree, and after that he worked in school for teaching and scientific research, and became the first generation of diesel engine exhaust particulate treatment expert in China.
        In the late 1980s, he went to Shanghai and Shenzhen, worked as an engineer, engaged in sales, and successively served as professional managers of three enterprises in different industries, with remarkable achievements.
        In 2001, He founded Shenzhen Xiangtong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. with a small capital of RMB 1 million, and entered a completely unfamiliar optical fiber communication industry. From the initial two people to more than one thousand people, the enterprise has made a good fortune and developed rapidly and achieve a remarkable succession.
        In 2004, he began to study Chinese traditional culture and read Confucian and Taoist classics, such as The Analects of Confucianism, Mencius, University, the Doctrine of the Mean, Zhouyi, Zhuangzi and Tao Te Jing. Combining the traditional Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture with the modern enterprise management system to establish enterprise culture, so that enterprises can get long-term, healthy and rapid development.
 In 2008, he began to learn Buddhist Dharma. In 2011, he closed up at home for three years and read the Qianlong Dazang Sutra. He came out in 2014, and transferred the controlling right of Xiangtong Company to the listed company called AVIC Photoelectric. At the end of 2014, under the guidance of Master Minghai, he closed up at home for three years to practice Buddhist Dharma again and came out in September 2017.
       In January 2019, Shenzhen Wangsensor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in partnership with some like-minded automobile experts and entrepreneurs from Jilin University and Tsinghua University, serving as chairman and general manager of the company, marching into the sensor industry, aspiring to create a national brand, and opening a new journey of second entrepreneurship.